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The TARA Stay-Home Pub Quiz

If you missed the live Zoom versions of our quiz, don’t worry. You can try your hand at the questions now. Our champion John Tattersfield scored 14. Can you beat him? Good luck.

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Which AbFab star lives in Albert Square?

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Near the war memorial in Stockwell Memorial Garden, there’s a 10ft high bronze statue of a woman. What is she holding?

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What’s the name of the lady in the fish shop (Madeira Só Peixe)? We only need her first name

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The Nine Elms tube station next to Sainsbury’s is due to open in 2021. Which zone will it be in?

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Which of these local pubs is the only one on Trenchold Street, SW8?

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Which is taller? The Tower at St George Wharf, or the BT Tower?

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When gay nightlife moved from Soho to SW8 in 2010, by what four-letter soubriquet did gay Vauxhall become known?

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Which James Bond lived in Albert Square as a boy?

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Which TARA street is an anagram of bloated trash hoodlum ?

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Who’s your MP? (Specifically: who is the Member of Parliament for Vauxhall?)

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Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo has played in more World Cup matches than any other footballer. How many?

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John Tradescant’s museum of curiosities in South Lambeth was known as ‘The ***’ ?

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Each Victoria line station platform’s tiles are based on a local theme. For example, Brixton has bricks as shown in the photograph. But what is the motif on Stockwell’s platform?

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The Tate South Lambeth Library is named after its benefactor, Sir Henry Tate. Tate made his fortune from a patented machine which made cubes out of what foodstuff?

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Vauxhall Motors is so named because it used to be in Vauxhall. True or False?

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Many Portuguese-speaking people in the area are not from mainland Portugal but from an island. Which one? Clue: it’s west of Casablanca and north of Tenerife.

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In which language is ‘Vauxhall’ roughly the word for ‘railway station’?

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The ‘Powders’ laundrette in the 1985 film My Beautiful Laundrette was on Wilcox Road. Which multi Best Actor Oscar winner starred as Johnny Burfoot?

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If francophone means ‘French-speaking’, what is the word for ‘Portuguese speaking’?

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Which organization’s Vauxhall offices have the mysterious postal address:
PO Box 1300, London SE1 1BD?

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