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The TARA Stay-Home Pub Quiz

If you missed the live Zoom versions of our quiz, don't worry. You can try your hand at the questions now. Our champion John Tattersfield scored 14. Can you beat him? Good luck.

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Which AbFab star lives in Albert Square?

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Near the war memorial in Stockwell Memorial Garden, there’s a 10ft high bronze statue of a woman. What is she holding?

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What’s the name of the lady in the fish shop (Madeira Só Peixe)? We only need her first name

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The Nine Elms tube station next to Sainsbury’s is due to open in 2021. Which zone will it be in?

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Which of these local pubs is the only one on Trenchold Street, SW8?

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Which is taller? The Tower at St George Wharf, or the BT Tower?

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When gay nightlife moved from Soho to SW8 in 2010, by what four-letter soubriquet did gay Vauxhall become known?

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Which James Bond lived in Albert Square as a boy?

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Which TARA street is an anagram of bloated trash hoodlum ?

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Who’s your MP? (Specifically: who is the Member of Parliament for Vauxhall?)

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Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo has played in more World Cup matches than any other footballer. How many?

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John Tradescant’s museum of curiosities in South Lambeth was known as ‘The ***’ ?

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Each Victoria line station platform’s tiles are based on a local theme. For example, Brixton has bricks as shown in the photograph. But what is the motif on Stockwell's platform?

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The Tate South Lambeth Library is named after its benefactor, Sir Henry Tate. Tate made his fortune from a patented machine which made cubes out of what foodstuff?

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Vauxhall Motors is so named because it used to be in Vauxhall. True or False?

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Many Portuguese-speaking people in the area are not from mainland Portugal but from an island. Which one? Clue: it’s west of Casablanca and north of Tenerife.

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In which language is ‘Vauxhall’ roughly the word for ‘railway station’?

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The ‘Powders’ laundrette in the 1985 film My Beautiful Laundrette was on Wilcox Road. Which multi Best Actor Oscar winner starred as Johnny Burfoot?

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If francophone means ‘French-speaking’, what is the word for ‘Portuguese speaking’?

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Which organization’s Vauxhall offices have the mysterious postal address:
PO Box 1300, London SE1 1BD?

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The TARA Stay-Home Pub Quiz

This is John.

John won the TARA Stay-Home Pub Quiz on Friday by scoring 14 out of 20.

John won a toilet roll and a bag of flour for his efforts.

John was thrilled.

Can you beat John?

The TARA Stay-Home Pub Quiz using the same questions John answered will be repeated Wednesday 29 April at 07:30 PM Join via Zoom here: – don’t be late. Be better than John.

It’s a 40 minute virtual pub quiz just for fun. Pit your wits against your neighbours on 20 general-ish knowledge questions with a local bent to them. How well do you know your neighbourhood? Let’s find out…

Help and support during the coronavirus crisis

TARA residents are working together to help out during the coronavirus crisis (for more information, see this flyer we distributed around the neighbourhood on 20 March 2020).

Please get in touch:

  • If you need help because you are self-isolating or ill. For example, help with shopping,  prescriptions, errands (all subject to restrictions!), or just want to chat with someone on the phone (no restrictions!)
  • Or if you want to help provide support to other people

You can:

Still reeling from another great ceilidh

A big thank you to everyone who turned out for the 2019 TARA Hallowe’en ceilidh on Saturday 26 October at the Wheatsheaf Hall. Much jigging, some wonderful costumes and a great deal of hilarity. People travelled from as far afield as Acton, Barnes and goodness knows where else. Many thanks to Tommy Candler for these great pictures:

Thank you to…

… the many people who made it all possible:

  • Set-up, kitchen and door: Bhavani, Celia, Dolina, Ed, Indiana, Helen H, Hocine, Judy, Mike, Vikram
  • Door drops: Celia, Harriet, Mark, Phinella
  • Printing: John T
  • Raffle: John C marshalled a high-performing team who leaned nicely on local businesses to donate prizes (see below): Helen H, Dolina, Hocine, Matt, Bhavani; Niamh called the numbers with great aplomb
  • The band were amazing. Our thanks to Chris (caller/guitar), Jo on fiddle and Philip on accordion
Apologies to the people I’ve accidentally left off the list.

Also thank you to these great local businesses  who donated raffle prizes

Please support them and be sure to mention their generosity when you next visit them.



 Italian restaurant

9a Victoria House, South Lambeth
Road SW8 1QX

Two-course meal for two + bottle of house wine

 Portuguese restaurant

111-115 South Lambeth Road

£50 to spend at Estrela 

Griffin Belle pub

8 Wyvil Road SW8 2TH

Two-course meal for two + bottle of house wine

Hair by Ide salon

11a Victoria House, South Lambeth Road SW8 1QT

Men’s haircut 

Harar Restaurant
 Ethiopian restaurant

49 South Lambeth Road SW8 1RH

Lunch or dinner for two + bottle of house wine

Hot Stuff Indian

19/23 Wilcox Road SW8 2XA

£25 to spend at Hot Stuff 

Michael’s Shoe Repairs  

45 South Lambeth Road SW8 1RH

One men’s & one women’s heel repair

Mumbai Delight
 Indian restaurant

51A South Lambeth Road SW8 1RH

Two starters and two mains

Parco Café

 A café in a park(o)

Vauxhall Park SW8 1QY

Cake with tea or coffee 

Three Lions
 Portuguese restaurant

125 South Lambeth Road SW8 1XA

Breakfast for two OR lunch with a glass of wine for two

Trend Dry Cleaners

123 South Lambeth Road SW8 1XA

£30 voucher 

Unique Barber

4a Victoria Mansions, South Lambeth Road SW8 1QT

One men’s haircut 

Wedding House Patisserie

1a Victoria Mansions, South Lambeth Road SW8 1QX

Latte and cake for two

🍾🍾  plus two bottles of champagne

Thanks to Bhavani, Dolina, Helen, Helen, Hocine, Matt, Simon & John C for organising all this




NINE ELMS No.18And special thanks to TARA member Simon Rucker for donating a bottle of his amazing new ‘intriguingly complex, surprisingly versatile’ Nine Elms No. 18.

It’s described as the UK’s first intricately crafted non-alcoholic drink for lovers of good food.  

Read all about it on the website at

Ask for one next time you’re in the Canton Arms. Or buy a bottle of NINE ELMS NO.18 online

50 wayward plants successfully bedded in

50 plants used at the RHS Hampton Court flower show were given new leases of life in the TARA area yesterday.

A few days earlier, TARA were told we’d been selected as one of the community groups to take part in the re-homing scheme run by the House of Wayward Plants, the RHS’s reuse partner.

Andrew, Ben, Peregrine and Roberto drove to the distribution hub at Morden Hall where they were allowed to choose 50 plants. They took a broad range including dahlias, ornamental grasses, broom, hazelnut trees and quite a few unidentified ones.

Once back in South Lambeth, Ben and Peregrine set to work plating on the Dorset Road / Meadow Road build-out, while Andrew and Roberto were joined at the pocket park (in the Tradescant Road spur near St Stephen’s Terrace) by Daisy, Helen H, Indiana, Mike, Penny, and Simon. An amazing morning’s work. Thanks to everyone.


We’re adopting homeless plants from Hampton Court flower show

TARA is thrilled to be one of the community groups selected to help re-home plants from this year’s RHS Hampton Court flower show.

Big thanks to the House of Wayward Plants which is the Official Reuse Partner for the RHS and has helped millions of plants to get a new life after being used at Chelsea, Hampton Court etc.

We don’t yet know what we’re getting or how many of them, but that’s part of the excitement.

We’re picking the plants up on Saturday morning (13 July 2019) at 9am and expect to be planting them by 10:30am or so. If you want to pitch in and help, come and find us – we’ll base ourselves at the ‘pocket park’ on Tradescant Road near St Stephen’s Terrace. Bring a garden fork if you have one.

The plants are for use in the pocket parks, build-outs and planters in our streets, so if you have one near to you that you think merits attention in the form of fresh planting, feel free to come along and bag some plants for it.


PS: There was an interview with House of Wayward Plants on the BBC’s flower show coverage last Friday. You can still catch it on the BBC iPlayer for another few weeks (interview starts at 50:30)

Yes, people got wet but TARA’s street party 2019 was no washout

Say what you like about the people round here but they do know how to throw a street party.

A groaning buffet table, silly games, sunshine, music, samba, drag and a high-pitched waterbomb fight between residents and outsiders (or ‘guests’ as they are sometimes called) are the key ingredients for success, we feel.

For videos of the action, see this post on Facebook.

Loads of people contributed by organising, setting up,  clearing up, bringing food and drink or even just by turning up (eventually). But special thanks are due to Heidi for organising the games, Bhavini for her microphone skills, Mick for putting together a sound system for us, and — of course — to Mike for making it all happen at all.

Roll out the barrels…

A big thanks to everyone who turned up on Friday 31 May and Saturday 1 June 2019 to help paint and plant the barrels that now grace the north entrance to Tradescant Road. 

Even bigger thanks to Helen and John for organising it all.

Helen had successfully applied for funding from the Veolia Recycling Fund for Communities to pay for much of this project. Fantastic stuff.

She also went to a a huge amount of trouble researching the plants themselves — each one is associated with the Johns Tradescant in some way. 

The hope is that these planters will mark out this area as unmistakably residential and discourage some of the ant-social behaviour which the weekends often bring. 

Diary date: Saturday 22 June 2019 for our annual street party

Put the date in your diary now: Saturday 22 June 2019 for our annual street party on the north tine of Tradescant Road which will be closed to traffic.

As ever, it will be a fabulous afternoon of food and drink, fun and games.

The fun starts at midday and goes on until 4pm (officially).

Just bring food and drink to share.

See you there!

Keep abreast of things through the event page on Facebook.