TARA is for the benefit of people living in Tradescant Road, Walberswick Street, Meadow Place, Old South Lambeth Road / Heyford Terrace, Heyford Avenue and the western end of Dorset Road.

Why we’re here

  • To make our neighbourhood the best it can be for the people who live and work here
  • To foster a community spirit and help people get to know their neighbours
  • To liaise with the council, and other organisations, bodies, and communities on issues that affect us, and provide an easy way for them to communicate and consult with the people here.

You can read our constitution here.

Come and join us.

What we do

  • ‘Public realm’ gardening – tree beds, planters, pocket parks etc
  • Events – ceilidhs
  • Monthly social meet-ups
  • Annual street party with fun, games and foods
  • Liaising with the council and the police – for example to fight litter and crime
  • Etc etc etc

Who we are

TARA’s achievements are thanks to the time and effort put in by local residents.

You can contact any of us via tara@tradescant.net.