Tradescant area mapWelcome to tradescant.net, the website of the Tradescant Area Residents Association (TARA) for people living in Tradescant Road, Walberswick Street, Meadow Place, Old South Lambeth Road, Heyford Terrace, Heyford Avenue, and the western end of Dorset Road – all in South Lambeth, London SW8. We aim to improve our environment and develop a sense of community in the area. We plant things, hold social events, and have a street party every year. Join us today or email tara@tradescant.net.

From The Times, 31 October 1881: “The Tradescant Gardens – The gardens through which King James I wandered with his courtiers, and Charles I and Villiers strolled with the frail beauties of those monarchs’ Courts to view the strange rarities which had been brought from foreign parts into “Tradescant’s Ark,” have at length yielded to the speculative spirit of the modern builder, and the four acres of land which they comprised have just been covered with houses.”

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