The Tradescant Area Residents Association (TARA) is open to anyone living in (or owning property in) Tradescant Road, Walberswick Street, Meadow Place, Old South Lambeth Road / Heyford Terrace, Heyford Avenue, and the western end of Dorset Road .

To join, simply fill in the form below and hit ‘Submit’.

You can become a member for a minimum donation of  just £5 per year. Membership years run from January-December, so your next subscription is always due in January, regardless of when you last paid. This makes our lives simpler, and leaves us more time to plant things, hire dance bands, erect gazebos, and so on.

On completing this form, you’ll be taken to a secure page where you can make your donation by PayPal or with a credit or debit card – preferably yours, HaHaHa. (If you have any problems, please email instead)

  • I wish to join the Tradescant Area Residents Association.
If you have any expertise, skills, connections or areas of interest, please tell us!