50 wayward plants successfully bedded in

50 plants used at the RHS Hampton Court flower show were given new leases of life in the TARA area yesterday.

A few days earlier, TARA were told we’d been selected as one of the community groups to take part in the re-homing scheme run by the House of Wayward Plants, the RHS’s reuse partner.

Andrew, Ben, Peregrine and Roberto drove to the distribution hub at Morden Hall where they were allowed to choose 50 plants. They took a broad range including dahlias, ornamental grasses, broom, hazelnut trees and quite a few unidentified ones.

Once back in South Lambeth, Ben and Peregrine set to work plating on the Dorset Road / Meadow Road build-out, while Andrew and Roberto were joined at the pocket park (in the Tradescant Road spur near St Stephen’s Terrace) by Daisy, Helen H, Indiana, Mike, Penny, and Simon. An amazing morning’s work. Thanks to everyone.