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PC Hannah Eldridge is the Licensing Officer for the borough of Lambeth. Her role is to enforce the licensing act 2003 and to work with all partners including the local
residents to resolve and issues arising from licensed premises whether that be by reviewing the licence, meeting the venues or something else. So if a licensed premises is causing a problem, she is your best contact. If it turns out not to be a licensing issue, she can point you in the right direction

Hannah has been a police officer for 7 years and a licensing officer for a little over 3 years. She is an ex licensee of a pub and a nightclub. Her contact information is:

PC Hannah Eldridge
Lambeth Police Licensing Officer
Fax: 0208 721 3547
Tel: 0208 721 3546
Address: Frank O’Neill House
43-59 Clapham Road